Role of Air or Water Cooled Chillers

Chillers are a significant component of the HVAC framework of hotels, hospitals as well as other commercial buildings. This system consumes about 50% of used electric power in commercial buildings. As put forward by the Department of Energy in the US, chillers are responsible for the consumption of 20% of the total electric energy produced in North America. It has also been enlightened that some defects related to operations can increase the consumption of up to 30% of the total electricity produced. Considering it all, many factors make a chilling framework vital for any commercial building. There are two kinds of chilling systems—namely, Air-cooled chilling system and water-cooled chilling system. In this article, we are trying to decode the basic framework of both types of chillers. What is Air cooled chiller? Air cooled chiller in industries is part of the system that helps with refrigeration. Its work is to cool down fluid and assist the method of air handling in the com